Tournament Rules


Texas Scramble

A Texas Scramble is a golf tournament format that is a basic scramble but with a slight twist. That twist is that each member of the 4-person scramble team is required to "contribute" at least four drives to the team during the round. A scramble and a Texas Scramble are mostly the same things.

A scramble involves teams of four golfers (Player A, B, C and D). Each member of a scramble team plays his or her own golf ball throughout. But with each stroke played, the four team members compare results and select the one best shot. The other team members move their balls to that location, and the next stroke is played from there.

For example, all four golfers hit tee balls. Which of those shots is in the best position? Maybe Player C's ball is sitting pretty in the middle of the fairway, and long. So, the team selects that as its drive. Players A, B, and D pick up their balls and move them to the location of Player C's shot. Each team member then plays their second strokes from that location. This process continues until the ball is holed.

The difference between a scramble and a Texas Scramble is the driving requirement. In a Texas Scramble each team member must contribute at least four drives throughout the round. That means that during the 18-hole round, the team must select at least four of Player A's drives as the team's drive, it must use at least four of Player B's drives as the team drive, and so on with Player C and Player D. A Texas Scramble allows even the weakest driver on the team to get into the action.



The shotgun start is all about time management. All the golfers get underway at the same time, rather than teeing off at regular intervals from the No. 1 tee. All the golfers begin play simultaneously, each group of four golfers teeing off on a different hole on the golf course.

For example, Group A begins on Hole 1, Group B on Hole 2, Group C on Hole 3, and so on. And they all begin play at the same time after a shotgun is fired—to indicate the start of play.

When golfers arrive at the Royal Malta Golf Club, they will find a board with their names, team number and a hole number they will start from. Each team needs to choose who is the captain of the team and the captain is in charge of team cart.

When the start time nears, tournament director tell everyone to get in their carts and head out to their assigned starting holes. Golfers take off in their carts, stopping at the teeing ground of their assigned holes.

And upon hearing the starting signal, golfers on every tee box around the golf course begin play.